~ Welcome to NO Sangha ~

The North Olympic Sangha is a Zen Buddhist group offering Zazen (seated meditation) from 9 - 10:30 AM on Saturday mornings in the center of Port Angeles, Washington.

On the second Saturday of every other month (Jan, Mar, May ...) we hold Zazenkai (one day retreat) from 8 AM -3 PM.

Twice a year we offer full multi-day sesshin, winter (Rohatsu) and summer with variable dates.

We are an affiliate of the Diamond Sangha at Palolo Zen Center in Hawaii, as established by Robert Aitken.

Our teacher, Kristen Larson, is fully authorized and transmitted by Fr. Pat Hawk, Roshi, who was both a Roman Catholic priest and a Master of the Diamond Sangha. Robert Aitken was his teacher.

NO Sangha began in 1995 and has offered Saturday morning Zazen ever since. We have a dedicated Zendo that seats 10 and room for overflow in the living room. The house is hard to find as it sits on the bluff overlooking the harbor. Contact us for directions at
(360)452-5534 or NOSangha@aol.com